​​Living comfortably at home is a priority for many Australians, especially those managing health conditions or mobility challenges. When looking to stay independent at home, the role of an Exercise Physiologist becomes even more important in the improvement of your well-being and quality of life.

Let’s have a look at how you can access an Exercise Physiologist via your Homecare Package and what the benefits are.

How to get started with an Exercise Physiologist when you’re on a home care package:

You can contact us or your home care package manager to see if you can get Exercise Physiology included in your level of care package. Once this is confirmed, it’s time to book your initial appointment with an Exercise Physiologist.

In your first appointment, one of our Exercise Physiologists begins by finding out your story, your health history, and your specific needs. Through comprehensive assessments, they gather information about your current fitness level, any existing health conditions, and your personal goals. With this information, they create a personalised clinical exercise program that takes into consideration your abilities and aims to address your unique requirements.

The benefits of seeing an Exercise Physiologist through your My Aged Care

Mobility and Functionality:

Beyond traditional exercise, the focus is on enhancing your day-to-day movements. Exercise physiologists create programs that not only improve overall health but specifically target areas like strength, mobility, and coordination. These exercises are selected to make routine activities, such as getting up from a chair or reaching for items, more manageable and less challenging.

Preventing Falls:

Falls can be a significant concern, especially for individuals living independently at home who have noticed a decline in muscle mass and activity. Exercise physiologists incorporate balance and coordination exercises into your routine to reduce the risk of falls. By improving your stability and coordination, they aim to help you feel more safe within your home. 

Managing Chronic Conditions:

For individuals with chronic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, or arthritis, Exercise physiologists collaborate with your healthcare team. They integrate specialised exercises into your care plan, aiming to manage symptoms, improve overall health, and enhance your ability to cope with challenges that may arise from the chronic condition. They also play an active role in your healthcare plan by maintaining open lines of communication with your doctors, physical therapists, and other relevant professionals.

Adapting to Your Home Environment:

Recognising that not everyone has access to a fully-equipped gym, Exercise physiologists design routines that can be easily implemented in your home. These exercises take into account the available space, available equipment (if any), and safety considerations, making it convenient for you to follow the program in the comfort of your own living space.


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