Exercise Physiology - Workcover and Corporate Health

Our team of experienced Exercise Physiologists on the Sunshine Coast provide services under the following schemes:

Return to Work & Quality of Life 

At MyEP, our Exercise Physiologists specialise in assisting injured clients with understanding their injuries and developing effective rehabilitation strategies to improve their quality of life and facilitate a safe return to work. Our services are covered by various insurance schemes, including WorkCover QLD, CTP Insurance, Income Protection and Life Insurance schemes.

We work closely with insurers and other rehabilitation providers to create personalised programs that address the client's unique goals and ailments. Our objective is to provide clients with functional exercises and tools to manage their condition and prevent further escalation of the condition.

Throughout the intervention, we maintain open communication with all relevant parties to ensure that the treatment is effective and on track.

For more information please contact MyEP or visit the Referrals page.


Pre-Employment Assessment screenings

MyEP Exercise Physiologists offer Pre-Employment Assessment screenings, which are conducted alongside pre-employment medical assessments, to evaluate an employee's ability to work. These screenings are customised to the specific job role of the individual. Typically, the evaluation includes:

  • Questionnaires
  • Blood pressure
  • Weight and height
  • Hip to Waist Ratio
  • Body Mass Index
  • Grip Strength
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Postural analysis
  • Musculoskeletal strength (squatting, bending, grip strength and reaching)
  • Lung Function (spirometry)
  • Balance and flexibility (Range of Motion)

For more information please contact MyEP or visit the Referrals page.


Corporate Health

MyEP Exercise Physiologists can play a vital role in enhancing Corporate Health on the Sunshine Coast. By fostering a healthier and happier workforce, we contribute significantly to a thriving and sustainable corporate health environment and support the well-being and resilience of your organisation's team.

We implement comprehensive workplace wellness programs that promote:

  • Physical activity
  • Improve overall fitness and
  • Foster a healthier workforce

We assess employees' health status, identify risk factors, and design personalised exercise routines to address individual needs and goals. Through group fitness classes, ergonomic workshops, and stress-reduction techniques, we create a culture of well-being, boosting employee morale, productivity, and job satisfaction. Moreover, our expertise in preventing and managing musculoskeletal issues can minimize work-related injuries, reducing absenteeism and healthcare costs. 

For more information please contact MyEP or visit the Referrals page.


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